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How to use “given that” in a sentence
We take it as a given that television and radio announcers usually are more careful and precise in their diction than is the man on the street. His performance was remarkable, though, given that he was playing through the pain barrier. Assurances have been given that a number of sizeable cracks in the piles supporting Rice Bridge do not pose a safety risk to the public.
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Given that Chinese New Year is coming, here are some great gift ideas. Given the approaching Chinese New Year, here are some great gift ideas. 例句:考慮到他缺乏經驗,他的表現已經很不錯了。 Given that he is inexperienced, he has done an excellent
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given (that),in case (that)是什么意思?請配例句說明

given that 假定…… Given that they’re inexperienced, they’ve done a good job. 在缺乏經驗的情況下, 他們的工作已經算是做得相當不錯了. in
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22/1/2010 · Given that Coldplay returned to the U.S. so soon after finishing another North American tour last November, audiences seem to like whatever the band does. 我的問題是given that這個地方不太懂 我上網看過有人說是獨立分詞構句 那請問主詞是什麼 總之解釋一下吧
Given the opportunity, she might well have become an outstanding artist. 如若給她機會, 她是很可能會成為一位傑出的藝朮家的。 Trees give fruit. 樹結果子。 He gave two arms in the Second World War. 在第二次世界大戰中, 他失去了雙臂。 He was given 5 他被
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before 用法, 例句, 詳解
H. 把before 譯為“決不”“與其”: I will starve before I given in.我寧願餓死, 也不投降。He’d sit alone in the dark before he’d watch television.他寧願一個人在黑暗裡坐著, 也不看電視。 從上面的例句我們可以發現, before 子句(或before 片語) 所表達的情境有時是真實的, 有時是非真實的: 主句的情況阻止before 子句或
whereas 用法, 例句, 詳解. 與while 有何區別?
much 用法, 例句, 詳解. 與a lot of 有何分別?mother in law 意思, 用法, 詳解, 例句 most 用法, 例句, 詳解. 有most of, the most 等比較 many 用法, 例句, 詳解 more than 用法, 例句, 詳解 more 用法, 例句, 詳解 moment 用法, 例句, 詳解. 有at/for the moment比較
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Use given-that in a sentence
How to use given-that in a sentence. Example sentences with the word given-that. given-that example sentences. Sidney conducted his case throughout with great skill; he pointed especially to the fact that Lord Howard, whose character he easily tore to shreds
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