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discuss的中文意思:[ dis’kʌs ] vt.1.議論;討論,辯論。2.論述,詳述。3…,查閱discuss的詳細中文翻譯,發音,用法和例句等。vi. 討論;談話。 discuss with sb. 和某人談話。”by discuss”中文翻譯 按討論; 依討論 “academic discuss”中文翻譯 學習討論
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30/5/2019 · 內容也太不Debate了吧2333 江湖騙子 央視轉播更短,trish就一句話哈哈哈 刪除 | 贊 回應 你的回應 回應請先 登錄, 或 注冊 推薦到廣播 豆瓣鵝組
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下面列舉出discuss的英文例句跟中文意思,趕快學起來,下次就會囉。 discuss 三態: 過去式: discussed 過去分詞: discussed 現在分詞: discussing 1. discuss 討論,探討,商談 例:I will be discussing the situation with colleagues tomorrow.
【言行天下】美國副總統辯論會 現場直播 + 中文評論 (2020年10月7日美東晚8:00 - 11:30)Live:VP Debate + Panel Discussion ...
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香港討論區 香港討論區(香討)為全港5大最高瀏覽率的網站之一,主要討論涵蓋新聞時事,娛樂,飲食,潮流,各行各業,地產,財經,股票,汽車,戀愛婚姻,電腦手機,運動體育,興趣,好去處,著數優惠等話題,隨時隨地分享您的生活話題討論及緊貼網民熱話!
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14/8/2020 · BBC中文網是面向全球華人並每日更新的新聞資訊網站,提供客觀及時和凖確的內容以及對新聞故事的深入分析和評論。我們也
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中文辯論 「星島全港校際辯論比賽」參賽隊伍 「基本法多面體全港學生辯論賽」參賽隊伍 師生出席支持「基本法多面體全港學生辯論賽」 莫迪鏗同學獲得「星島全港校際辯論比賽」最佳辯論員獎項
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1/2/2021 · has over 90 debate topics complete with pro and con arguments featuring quotes and statistics from experts, historical information, and other pertinent research. Please visit the homepage for a complete list.
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It’s not necessary to devote the entirety of your club meetings to debate, but it can be a stimulating and though-provoking way to spend a half-hour or so each week. Note that it doesn’t need to be a formal debate, with one person or team arguing in favor of the topic …
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50 Debate Topics for High School
1/2/2021 · Debate Topics The following 50 debate topics can be used in high school or advanced middle school classrooms. They are organized by genre and some can be modified for use in different subjects. Each item is listed in the form of a question to propose to your
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大專辯論賽. 403 likes. 大專辯論賽乃一年一度的辯界盛事,有十間大專院校參賽,分別為:香港中文大學,香港大學,香港樹仁大學,香港科技大學,香港教育大學,珠海學院
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The Second Presidential Debate: Hillary Clinton And …

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump square off on Oct. 9, Sunday, 9 p.m. EST at Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri in the second presidential debate of
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